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"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life." -Elsie De Wolfe

In my mid 2os, I started hiking to some really beautiful places in north Idaho.  And I would take photos on my phone and talk about how beautiful the view was or how epic the waterfall.  It wasn't until I was back home, showered, in bed, and looking back at those photos that it would all hit me.... Just HOW epic it was... just HOW beautiful it was.  Because now I have contrast while sitting in my pajamas.

THAT's what photography does for me.  And THAT's why I love it so much.  And, as an artist, I want to create those for you.  When you look back at your wedding photos in hindsight and take a deep breath-- "we looked so amazing."  Or of your newborn just days old-- "she was so tiny and perfect."  Or of your senior portraits-- "This brings back all the high school memories."  

So much energy, love, and memory is captured in a single photo that can transport you back in a split second.

My name is Monica, and I would love to be the artist for your special moments.  



"A photograph

takes an instant out of time,

                              altering life by

holding it still."


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Monica Kirchner




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